Not your mother’s moped.

Though it’s almost 130 years old, the Piaggio brand is renowned for transportation that’s just plain different. The Piaggio PAM expands on this with a partially enclosed structure filled with smart-features like calibrated seat adjustment, photovoltaic solar energy-harvesting material, a HUD windshield, GPS navigation and even safety airbags. Like Piaggio’s MP3 scooter, the PAM also uses 3 wheels for added traction and balance, but these are reversed from front to back for a sportier riding feel.

Designer: Simone Madella


  • t says:

    Question : Why you don’t use the huge space you left after made a crazy non-resistive mecanic shape ?

    That’s crazy, every transportation designer think only about shape, but not on the benefit of the shape …

    What can I see here ? nothing special, a good model+render, that’s it … sorry, it’s not a project, only a modeling exercice. but, anyway, good job for your model.

  • SIP says:

    supper design keep it up

  • depdeppedped says:

    ummm…… why is there bluetooth? why the heck anyone needs bluetooth in moped? nor any other computer things….. other than that it’s good for cities i think?

  • Feniks says:

    Beauty. Pure beauty. All the rest will be done by others.

  • Dla tego też w lesie marek, firm i towarów trwa nieustanna walka klienta, a głównym
    jej orężem jest właśnie reklama.

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