This robot sucks!

Literally! ERO is an award-winner concrete deconstruction robot designed to disassemble concrete structures while preserving the material for reuse in new prefab buildings. It uses high-powered water jets in its moveable arm to crack the surface and break up the slab, and then sucks up the mixed debris. In the reservoir, it separates the mixture, and creates a labeled, packaged asset that can be instantly transferred to the factory for remolding into usable blocks. No dust, no waste!

Designer: Omer Haciomeroglu


  • Ryan says:

    Cool concept but not seeing how you are going to get a bone picked clean rebar. I imagine the water jets will jettison the concrete when breaking up the last face of the wall.

    But a juicy design problem. Numbers would be awesome.

  • George says:

    What 3D software he used in all renderings.?????

  • fumida26 says:

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  • krishan kumar says:

    I want to buy the ERO THE concrete recycling robot.

  • Lance says:

    Having worked in the cutting and coring industry for a while now, i can tell you there is no way that will work. Google brokk thats how you use a remote operated machine to remove concrete.

  • Abdulraheem Shamaly says:

    I need mor information about the machine(ERO):
    Maintenance cost
    Delivering to Saudi arabia -jeddah port
    Coonect website and connecting number for the factory

    my connect num. is :

  • shima says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I need more information about this amazing robot. I need to know how it works, Price and where i can buy one of them.
    I really appreciate it if you answer me.

  • Mike says:

    Hi, this is robotics at its finest. Machines doing the mundane, dangerous and laborious tasks that would otherwise be tough going for humans. We now have robots for vacuuming and mopping floors, mowing lawns, washing windows and even scrubbing your grille. Domestic robots are popping up everywhere! Nice article, thanks.

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