This emotive desk lamp embodies the fondest memories of your childhood rainy days!

Woo-bi desk lamp instantly reminds us of our childhood when we would wear brightly colored raincoats and splash water everywhere as we walked around with our friends.

‘Woo-bi’ literally means raincoat in Korean and the emotional design expresses a child’s innocence through soft lighting. Complete with a little ‘hood’, the playful form and warm CMF really connects with the user. We love the form of this design and the hat adds in functionality by being movable – just as it protects you from the rain, move the hat to control your exposure to the lamp’s brightness. Another fun feature is the knob of the lamp, which doubles as the tip of the umbrella/hat and helps you dim/brighten the lamp as needed. The charging point comes with a magnet for quick docking. If the yellow is too chirpy, there is a green variant to soothe your eyes!

The minimal desk lamp is sure to spark joy even on gloomy days.

Designer: Jaekyoung Oh


knob 2