Clever Office Supply

The way children take to Toys R Us I take to stationery stores. Maybe this is why I am totally excited about the Comos, a compact and unique office supply tool. The ideal combination of a pen, a sharp pencil, a knife and a ruler that are magnetically held together! Comos relieves you of the need to carry an array of tools on the go; I like its simple design and the fact that the stationery is detachable, yet unified.

Designer: Gyeong-gyu Jeon


  • Jolene says:

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  • Robert Irwin says:

    Multifunctionalizing tools can be good, as it’s seen here for transport purposes. However, the fact that they are square in cross-section makes them unusable for any extended timeframe. The ergonomic comfortability is relatively non-existent with primitive forms. If this person would take this a step further and make a prototype this and many other downsides would be realized. I do like the start of the concept, though.

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