Zen-Inducing Stool

The Opus stool finds inspiration in traditional Chinese medicine where the balance between mind and body is key in keeping physically and mentally agile. The ball-based structure encourages the user to take control of their balance by placing them in a new position between traditional seat and upright standing. In this posture the center mass of the individual is located under the spine, positioning them in a stance where mind/body harmony will keep them comfortable.

Designer: Dor Ohrenstein


  • Christopher says:

    Well thought out. Sort of a on-legged milking stool. Now what do you do when you stand up to prevent it falling over?

  • The base of the chair is a metal ball that acts as a wight and prevent him from falling over like a bobo doll

  • you can enjoy from more of my projects here

  • Chris says:

    That metal ball needs to be heavier than the human that sits upon the chair in order to balance the weight. Now imagine a chair that weights more than 80 kg… Not very easy to handle. Besides,I still think it’s gonna fall, even if you put a counterweight of 200 kg. It’s the small contact surface that is the problem.

  • The stool acts as a third leg, by so making a tripod posture with the user’s legs that touching the ground.
    the balance is saved with the chair, and no by the chair

  • Christopher says:

    So really If I’d looked at picture #3 I’d see this! – Got it.

  • Dr.A.Jagadeesh says:

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

  • Paul says:

    This is really cool! Also the GTPS Helmet 😉

  • Piers says:

    Did this chair ever make it into production Dor?

  • Dor Ohrenstein says:

    I’m still looking for investors for injection mold production

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