The traditional stackable plastic chair gets a makeover with this sleek innovative design

We often underestimate the importance of a great chair. When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure! Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. And an innovative chair design I recently came across is the PINCH Chair by Medium2 Studio.

Designer: Medium2 Studio

Designed by Medium2 Studio, the PINCH chair is your typical and traditional plastic chair with a major redesign. Plastic stackable chairs are a pretty common sight these days, you see them almost everywhere, and you have been seeing them for ages galore. They’re practical and convenient, although they aren’t the most sustainable. However, Medium2 Studio decided to give the plastic chair a new look, creating a unibody and completely stackable plastic chair. It was given a new form factor to make it a better fit for modern homes, offices, and other spaces. By simply pinching and pulling the material (plastic), the designers were able to give an otherwise old-school design a new and improved look. This gives PINCH a uniform form and a visual design language that is extremely intuitive and dynamic.

The rejuvenated plastic chair that is PINCH has a modern and contemporary feel to it. There’s a certain sleekness in its body that makes it quite streamlined, clean, and concise. It’s not an eye sore like the typical plastic chairs, in fact, PINCH has the ability to add a certain sense of character and personality to any space it is placed into. PINCH has been designed with various color options – such as green, orange, blue, and white, making the different colored chairs super fun to stack, as they will create an amusing colorful stack.

Of course, the fact that the material of choice was plastic is a bit discouraging, since plastic isn’t the most eco-friendly option out there. The designers could have opted for a different material, but the main intention behind the design was to innovate the stereotypical plastic chair, so that has to be considered – since I don’t see the stackable plastic chairs disappearing from use anytime soon, as much as we may despise them.