Simplifying Closure

The steps to storing and retrieving your laptop should be simple; but in all honesty are they? Right, thought as much…if we are to simplify the process then it has to be done in a clever convincing way. The AECRAFT MacBook Airfelt Sleeve is simple, clever and convincing!

The sleeves have one smart central opening that makes it easy for you to load and unload the laptop. No fumbly zips or tacky buttons; in a single sweep you can do the job thanks to the magnets!

It is hard to picture Nils, one half of the designer duo team behind Aecraft, as a lazy boy. This self-confessed geek is the creative mind while Carmen is the patient one. Her patience matches her talent for making things happen for real at Aecraft.

Nil’s obsession to get things done better, fastest and with more beautiful results has lead to the creation of this classy Airfelt Sleeve. “We are surrounded by objects in our daily life; it gives me peace of mind to know that there is no other more effective way to achieve an action. This quest means to remove the fuzz to only keep the essence, the true nature of the product = the function, the tool.” These words from Nils echo the very sentiments most new-age designers.

‘The object should be the vehicle of the action.’

To be honest, it takes a little while to carefully tuck in your laptop, just to avoid the scratches and dents. I was careless enough to dent my previous laptop, simply because I invested in the wrong sleeve. I am glad that Nils and Carmen answered their calling and put in the sweat and tears into the Airfelt Sleeve. For now I have the option of investing in a top grade Merino Wool and premium vegetable tanned leather, handcrafted case that beams with the pride and joy of this designer duo.

I couldn’t have summarized the effect of this sleeve as well as Nils has put it, so there you go… “Welcome to the nomadic way of life!”

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