Barrier-free Bathing

The collapsible side rungs of the Barrier Free Bathtub, makes it easier for the silver generation to use it. A conveniently placed sliding switch raises or lowers the tub walls. After a certain age or due to movement restrictions, many people have had to give up their long soaks, hopefully designs like this can bring back the pleasure of a warm bath in their lives.

Barrier-free Bathing is a 2012 iF Design Award: concept design entry.

Designer: Chen An


  • greg says:

    How could somebody waste so much time doing that? Ridiculous, can never work.
    The only good news is that senior people will not have to wait for the water to be exhausted when they finish the bath, it will have been gone away for a long time!

  • Frankly speaking. Who wants to sit in the bath waiting to fill up. It is a very awkward feeling creeping up slowly that can be most unpleasant if the room temperature is way lower than the water!

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