Reptilian Roadster

Long is right, vehicles are getting more and more lifelike! Check out the crocodilian face from the front view of the Reptile and you’ll see what I mean. This race car crosses over to the streets with it’s hybrid 4-pole electric induction/27000CC Wankel engine that develops more than 700HP at 9000 RPMs. Rawr.

Designer: Arturo Arino


  • Fer Villanueva de A says:

    Its awesome! I want one! Great design, great concept!

  • john_3 says:

    this design goes beyond the line , great job!

  • trx says:

    Front facia shows a smiling Hunchback whale, not an aggressive reptile. Renderings are okay, design is not so hot.

  • Nicolas Allard says:

    I love the people at yanko , the pass every design making unsubstantiated criticism and making people feel bad about their designs.
    I think TRX (not even a real name) is Chris Bangle hidden in an anonymous stupid guy who's designs are the living eminence .

    Yeah maybe the renderings are just OK thats why it looks so freaking real I want to buy one.
    And yeah The design is so bad that its been published in carbodydesign also!! a CAR , BODY, DESIGN web page where they publish all the car new trends and future designs, and YANKO DESIGN a DESIGN webpage … so yeah you know is not that good.
    And no it doesn't look like a reptile at all look

    Maybe you're looking at another design my Dude cause this is freaking outstanding !!
    by the way link me to your designs to see how good you are !

  • Mike says:

    finally, something that will probably work. thank you for not using any hub-less wheels.

  • Mike says:

    actually it does look like a reptile. just a little. perhaps, the snout part of a croc or a komodo dragon? at least, this vehicle looks to be something that's manufacturable. i want one… make that two.

  • Thanks for the comments guys!
    Every comment is good for me, even if its good or bad comments they.

    All of them make me a better designer!
    It was definitely not inspired in a whale LOL but, the inspiration came from a reptile … a gecko (but the name was not aggressive so I decided to just stick with reptile.
    well I'm very pleased with the final result and glad you guys liked it!
    Thanks again!!

    • Sly says:

      4-pole electric induction/27000CC Wankel. Please let me know more about this engine. This sound interesting.
      thank you : Szilveszter

  • Sly says:

    I do not know. This is a car for me. So really nice sketches. I have to practice to be on that level…. and I am do it.

  • Chen An says:

    Terrific, what software you use for rendering?

  • Arturo Aiño says:

    Tanks guys !!
    I'm really glad you like it !
    well about the 4pole electric induction engine , is almost the same engine as the Tesla (electric car from tesla motors), and the rotatory engine is a high rev fast engine that is light , small and rounded (mazda is been using this Engines for a long time and the've worked perfectly ,,, the Mazda RX 8 for example)

    The software for rendering was Maya with mental ray

    About the sketching … well is just practice, and practice and more practice… try making minimum one sketch a day and always use photo references that helps a lot with perspective and ideas.

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