Bendy and Beautiful

Composed of individual strips of bent eucalyptus wood laminate, the Eira chair’s unique form and material flexibility make it one of the the most comfortable rigid chairs out there. Surprisingly “soft,” the user will feel the wood flex to the curves of the body with each change in position. While somewhat large in size, the chair is distributed unassembled in a compact box where each component fits snugly for easy shipping and construction.

Designer: Oitenta


  • Oitenta says:

    Thank you very much for posting our job!

  • First I thought it was a really small chair. Then I saw the person sitting on it… That thing has some heft to it!

    Looks a over-engineered, but it does have a certain appeal… Don’t know if I’d put it in my house, but it looks cool.

  • James says:

    It does look rather cool, definitely a trendy chair suited near a bookshelf. But I do agree, it looks over-engineered and uncomfortable as hell. In a gallery or fancy London cafe it could work.

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