Have you ever tried picking up a steel scale directly from a flat surface? It’s a nightmare! You just can’t get the correct grip. Stationery doesn’t need to be stationary, right? What if your stationery made itself more available by standing up for you? The Tong Tong is the answer to that question. Designed with a heavy and rounded base, the pen finds equilibrium when it’s standing straight. Just like the Roly Poly toys from your childhood!

Designer: Woo Young, Son


  • Nicolai says:

    nonsense, please learn the elementally physical science

  • It won’t work 🙁

  • Lion says:

    Non-sens ans thé balance saoule be awfull

  • jonackisme says:


    in a bit more constructive style :
    What the guys above tend to say is: if you want your center of gravity to be so low for an average plastic pen of approx 20grams, your lower half sphere should have a density of 600kg/liter.
    the densest elements in the universe are around 22.6kg/liter and are all more or less radioactive, besides being very expensive.
    Even so, having a 150g pen with an extremely off-center center of gravity would be awful to write with.

    hope this helps

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