This Bag’s Got Swag!

The Swag Bag is a modular backpack that promises to protect your gear come rain, snow or shine. You can safely tuck in your MacBook, iPad, Nook or books and not worry about the elements, because this Swag is crafted from silicone and fitted with waterproof zippers. The best part is that in case you drop it, your gadgets inside are completely safe and cushioned from the impact.

Another bright side is the modular functionality. The backpack is multi-purpose, with interchangeable interior capsules, so you can carry your gadgets or make an easy switch to your gym gear capsule and hit the gym. The photography capsule comes with dedicated spaces to keep your camera and lenses safe. Essentially it’s a backpack for anyone and everyone, and if you think this Swag is just what you need, then you are in luck, its up at Quirky for voting. Who knows your casting vote could turn this concept to reality and spread some more cheers!

Designer: Karan Singh Gandhi