Best Woody Bike

The BKR is a concept bicycle that uses wood for its physical and natural proprieties of sustainability, malleability and elasticity. The mainframe skeleton is crafted from plywood with inert rubber gaskets sandwiched in for effect. The cycle features an innovative ‘Easy Saddle’ system that allows the rider to change the height of the seat by just pushing a button.

A specifically designed dynamo on the front wheel provides energy as well as speed/distance trip information directly to a Smartphone dock on the handlebars.

Designer: Pietro Russomanno


  • I’ve always really liked wooden bikes. This one is no exception. It looks really good!

    I’m afraid this frame won’t be strong/stiff enough to ride, though… I certainly wouldn’t trust it enough to go mountain biking on rough terrain!
    That frame is made of 2x ±6-9mm plywood with rubber gaskets sandwiched in between..?
    One hard landing/large pothole and I’d imagine it would snap like a twig…

    But: please prove me wrong. It would be awesome if this could actually be built and used.

  • Pietro says:

    Hello Quintin,

    thanks for sharing you thoughts.
    Like you I always liked wooden bikes and always my concern was always ‘would it be strong enough?’
    My purpose has been to create a not-rigid structure able to flex in order don’t break at the first bump! Rubber gaskets allow screws to hold the frame and at the same time to not damage it. The wood with its natural properties does the rest of the job.
    Of course this is just a concept and everything here must to be tested and improved but I think that this idea can work pretty well…



  • Quintin Smits says:

    It might, but I think you might need to increase the space between the two wooden pieces to get the necessary stiffness.

    Then again, wood can sometimes be quite a bit stronger than you expect it to be…

  • TimberMJG says:

    This is an aesthetically pleasing frame design – the natural wood finish makes a change from carbon or aluminium. Particularly like the integrated quick adjust seat post. I think this current design is targeting more on road users in the hybrid market.

  • Vinot says:

    Make it a self assembly type, put it up on Kickstarter, take my money and do your research. Don’t mind waiting as long as I can get my hands on them 🙂

  • shark says:

    will this be a production model?

  • Ebpaul says:

    Might work as a road bike, but it would be a real stretch for it to work as a mountain bike

  • Ebpaul says:

    Might work as a road bike, but it would be a real stretch for it to work as a mountain bike.

  • martin Bos says:

    Please can you tell me if it wil be sold in the Netherlands and what are the prices?
    Or if it’s not sold in the netherlands: what does it cost to ship to Holland?
    Thank you.

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