Posthumus Le Corbusier Lamp Finds Life

How amazing is this story? Listen to this. The Projecteur 365 by Le Corbusier has been selected as the winner in the “Best Reissues” category of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2013. Designed by Le Corbusier for the High Court of Chandigarh in 1954, this product remained unreleased until 2012, when it was found in the archives of the Le Corbusier Foundation in Paris.

Only a side view of the design had remained. It was therefore necessary to “rebuild” its functional aesthetic, choosing finishes and details to suit the language of shipbuilding work.

Makes me wonder what other goodies are hidden in sketchbooks and pieces of scrap paper. You know what though, this lamp is actually all kinds of gorgeous. Sure the materials are modern but those lines -that’s classic baby.

Designer: Charles-Édouard Jeanneret aka Le Corbusier