Stitch and Seal

Designed with small businesses, merchants, and local agriculturalists in mind, Ceal is an innovative tool that makes it possible to easily close up almost any type of bag. No bigger than a blow-dryer, the lightweight, durable device can quickly and safely seal produce, clothing, or any other dry good. The stitching pattern won’t provide an air-tight hold, but it’s a great solution for cheaper, portable way to prepare bagged items for transportation or bulk selling.

Designer: Virang Akhiyaniya


  • David says:

    Good evening
    Our company will be packing and processing raw beeswax in tropical Africa and this machine would be close to ideal to seal raw poly jute bags for raw beeswax in storage before processing further. As when I bag is sealed we would not have a problem with local bees wanting to get access to their beeswax.
    Contact me if this is available or with a release date and if wanting to push sales into sub Saharan Africa.
    Mr. David Hutchinson

  • stephen russell says:

    Can one re adapt this to tape up boxes too, nice design, dual use.
    Must sell in Office Depot & Sprouts stores &
    Office Max, Staples, Whole Foods, Ag feed stores, produce markets nationwide.

  • virang says:

    Hello David,

    Thank you for kind, but us it is proposed design project which end up with prototype. so right now i don’t see any visibility to manufacture but once i have then definitely i will give you please can you provide your contact detail or mail id.

    Thanking you

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