Levitating Mouse

Although currently in its testing stage and researching the market, I’d love to jump the gun and get my hands on the BAT – Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse. The story behind its development is the obvious culprit – Carpal tunnel syndrome; but I’d much rather get it for its awesomeness. The concept consists of a base (mouse pad) and floating mouse with magnet ring. I think it looks very cool and will definitely be a hit with my ilk.



  • Very cool looking concept! But your arms will get tired quickly, if that mouse has to be used that high of the desk…

    The base would have to be integrated into the desk or even mounted below the desk for this to be comfortable.

    One thing, though… I wouldn’t be comfortable with magnetic fields that strong on my desk.. Too many metal objects on and around it…

  • sesima says:

    Wow~! I hope use this product~

  • mzungu says:

    Levitating or not, set at the wrong height, you still get Carpal tunnel. A strong magnetic field around electronic(i.e. hard drives) is not a good idea.

    Thaa said, I am still waiting for my flying car.

  • This is amazing, it seems impossible. Great invention!

  • Dave says:

    Not to mention the possibility of corrupting the HDD’s in the computer that the mouse is connected to, now this wouldn’t be an issue if everyone were running SSD’s now-a-days but technology has yet to progress to the point where SSD’s are affordable and standard making the HDD truly obsolete.

    awesome concept for mag-lev technologies however not the best application in my opinion.

  • cybrpnk says:

    cool concept…even cooler form factor…however I strongly agree with 2 things. Firstly I don’t feel comfortable with magnetic fields that strong on my desk, especially with so much metal and electronics around. Secondly, from an ergonomic standpoint, your arm will tire very quickly, operating at such a height and for extended periods of time.

  • Hunter says:

    Just get a Chromebox.

  • Anonymous says:

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