New Magic Mouse

This new Magic Metal Mouse is quite an innovative thought. Slim and only 4.3mm thick, the mouse is like a second skin in the palm of your hand. Flat when left alone and eager to please when you cup it, the mouse is highly portable and easy to fit within the pages of your book!

Designer: Wang Hui


  • adriana says:

    interesting concept!!!!………

  • GATE says:

    Mouse very different creation is very good and it really helps our artistic approach towards everything.

  • Aieee says:

    this is the attractive design of this mouse model,i showed the Logitech but this model this amazing design and i so empress before see this design.

  • Ismael says:

    We are a spanish e-commerce and I like this mouse. Do you already sell it? If not, when is going to be ready?
    If so, could you send me more info (prices, delivery time, etc.)?
    Thank you…

  • powell says:

    Dear sir,

    i want to buy 100 pcs…pls give the best price

  • wang hui says:

    i’m so happy that you like it but i’m a student……actually i don’t know more about patent…..if you’re want more infomation you can send messages to [email protected]……

  • wang hui says:

    if you wanna know more about plz send message to [email protected]

  • wang hui says:

    i just wanna tell you this mouse is just a conceptual design……

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