Central Park, now with more Park!


It’s just the most amazing feeling appreciating good design that’s backed by a brilliant idea. Residents of New York have been complaining that their evergreen Central Park has lost its grandeur. The reason? Too many skyscrapers just outside the park have destroyed the view of park goers. Not only do you not get to see the city’s skyline properly, the sunrise and sunset get blocked by these massive structures.

Yitan Sun & Jianshi Wu came up with probably the most inventive solution to this problem. Instead of demolishing the buildings around the park, just surround the park with a wall of mirrors. This not only makes the park seem bigger, it also makes the buildings seem further away as a result, so you see more of the park and less of the concrete jungle. Isn’t that an absolutely marvelous solution?!

No wonder this concept secured the 1st prize at the Evolo Skyscraper Competition!

Designers: Yitan Sun & Jianshi Wu.