The Blue Leaf Water

Watering is an innovative water purifier intended for singles. It can be wall mounted and features a blue leaf that indicates the number of glasses you have consumed during the day. It is recommended that we consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, so with each rotation, the blue leaf keeps a track of the number glasses consumed. You can customize the temperature and other features to suit your needs. I like it more for the fact that it integrates so well as a funky wall art décor!

Designer: Hyelin Lee


  • stephen russell says:

    Trend for water rationing I see, eventually aside for personal healthcare.
    Very viable for rationing, tweek unit.

  • Rahul S. says:

    What about drops falling on floor after turning it off?? Should we put some tray below it to accumulate water drops or should we place it above basin/sink?

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