Closets Don’t Lie

The Double Life storage solution was named after our tendency to look well put together when we leave the house, while our closets are left in shambles! The unit contains cubbies of various sizes to keep a wide range of items neat and tidy. Though it looks like a singular piece, each of the eight squares can actually be arranged according to the users taste and needs.

Designer: JuHyun Shin

Double Life from juhyun Shin on Vimeo.


  • stephen russell says:

    Must for apts, condoes, small cabins, homes alone
    B&B Inns, hostels, super.

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  • UdyRegan says:

    You know what this article tells people about making storage look good? It’s to install some doors on your cupboards man! Out of sight and out of mind! Haha!

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