Light Saber Can For The Sight Impaired!

The Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane! It removes the inconveniences caused by a traditional cane for the blind and replaces it with scientifically enhanced saber-like device. Its designed not to be very long and uses rays and ultrasonic sensors to determine distance measurement, and thus help the sight impaired to navigate their surroundings safely.

“Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane. It uses ultrasonic waves to reliably measure distance, unaffected by rain, fog, or other climate problems. Projected light is used to prevent collisions with other pedestrians. The ultrasonic system delivers information about hazards such as barriers and changes in floor level, detecting them in advance. Eye Stick also offers another function. It can obtain information about products, for example, by automatically scanning barcodes through a camera. The information is sent through a Bluetooth connection and converted to voice.”

The Eye Stick is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Kim Tae-Jin


  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce this, nice, test in the VA System &other hospitals like Kaiser Perm

  • Quintin Smits says:

    I love technology, but if I were to become blind, I’d probably take the long stick (or a dog!) to use while walking outside over this device.

    Seems more reliable and people can easily see that you’re blind, they won’t walk through the ‘beam’ of the device, messing up the feedback it gives you…

    The other functions of this device seem very practical, though! Someone needs to prototype this and have a blind person test it!

  • Ivan says:

    It seems to be great, BUT… if a blind person has to use one ear to listen the audio description with the bluetooth device, that’s not very practical: listening is so important to blind people!

  • michael says:

    It’s awesome.when do you think it will be released to the market.i’d love to buy one.

  • Akythaky says:


    Please can you let me know where it is available. I will like to give gift to my parents.

  • Where can I buy this eye stick it would be very helpful. Thank you

  • Ahmed Khalil says:

    Where can I buy this eye stick
    iam from egypt – can i buy from ebay or amazon
    it il be very helpful to my son he is blind and i think it will help him .

    Thank you

  • Yoon Hee An says:

    i’m interested on this item “eye stick”. Where i can buy this one. My husband is partiallyblind and asking me to look for a good cane then i came across with item.

  • Mark Whitehead says:

    As a person who is going blind this looks awesome. Shoulder jarring due to rough surfaces would be over, comfort to freely walk.Where in the UK can I buy one. Do you need a UK person to trial it?

  • fatemeh says:

    thanks for your helpful stick
    please notify me if i can buy one of them for my father, and from where i can buy it?

  • I’m legally blind and young. I would love to buy this! The problem with a cane or a dog is you always have to ask people for help reading ie price tags, credit card slips, signs, menus etc. people aren’t always so kind or honest. I have always been a very independent person and this would offer me the freedom to do more things by myself. Any information on purchasing this cane is much appreciated.

  • ella says:

    where can you buy this ? i need one

  • Ruben Fuentez Acuña says:

    Where can I buy the eye stick

  • Rick Elgin says:

    This product would be useful in very few cases for the blind. It seem to be a decent concept but I have some personal issues with this product. First, the product does not indicate to sighted people that you have a see impairment. Looks like you’re carrying a flashlight and people would walk right in front you; there is nothing to block them. Second, a person with a seeing impairment can feel the change in walking surfaces, steps, obstacles, etc. by using their long cane correctly. I feel the cracks in the concrete sidewalks that could trip you, not sure if this product can accomplish this needed task. And lastly, I’ve had to use my cane to protect myself from aggressive dogs – I whack ’em before they get to close.

    I’d get a service dog first.

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