Light Saber Can For The Sight Impaired!

The Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane! It removes the inconveniences caused by a traditional cane for the blind and replaces it with scientifically enhanced saber-like device. Its designed not to be very long and uses rays and ultrasonic sensors to determine distance measurement, and thus help the sight impaired to navigate their surroundings safely.

“Eye Stick reinvents the traditional cane. It uses ultrasonic waves to reliably measure distance, unaffected by rain, fog, or other climate problems. Projected light is used to prevent collisions with other pedestrians. The ultrasonic system delivers information about hazards such as barriers and changes in floor level, detecting them in advance. Eye Stick also offers another function. It can obtain information about products, for example, by automatically scanning barcodes through a camera. The information is sent through a Bluetooth connection and converted to voice.”

The Eye Stick is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Kim Tae-Jin