Ceramics We Love

There is something earthy about using porcelain mugs and ceramic containers versus sterile cold glass and unemotional plastics. So if this Christmas season if you are getting rid of the old or firing up the décor with new fancy stuff, then give this exclusive ceramic collection a good thought, handpicked by me!

Tissue Storage by MollaSpace [ Available @ YD Store for $28 ]

Here is a ceramic alternative to replace those bulky paper tissue boxes that are just an eye sore. A simple, clean style complemented with a wooden lid is sure to brighten up your interior. Simply pull the wooden lid off to refill with tissue paper.

Thabto’s Lex, Seth & Carrie by Steven Smith & James Wosiek [ Available @ YD Store for $50 ]

Lex, Seth & Carrie are kitchen storage canisters with a dark side. They’re designed to hold tea, sugar and coffee. However they also really love to store those sinful treats like biscuits and sweets. Designed with an evil glint in their eyes to tell you what’s inside (T: tea, S: sugar & C: coffee), and their heads have room to fit the handle of a spoon.

Thabto’s Cheeky and Hungover Mood Mugs by Steven Smith, James Wosiek [ Available @ YD Store for $16 each ]

Mood Mugs are beautifully designed hand made; insulated porcelain mugs each having a simple facial expression to reflect the mood. They have double wall insulation, which ensures that the beverage is kept hot but the hands are kept cool. It eliminates the need for a handle and creates more cupboard space.

Mood Mugs; Horribly Hungover, Cheeky Chappie and Severely Stressed to join Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody & Seriously Sleepy.