You can wear this hoodie on Mars

Let’s recap what happened in the video above. The hoodie was dragged mercilessly through gravel for over an hour, then battered by the ocean by being tied to the back of a motorboat, and to dry it off, a blow-torch was involved. Now I can’t think of anything that could withstand such treatment (no, not even the Nokia 3310)… but Vollebak’s 100 Year Hoodie can, and will continuously brave the elements and survive.

The 100 Year Hoodie was named that way for a reason. Built with a Kevlar weave, the jacket will literally be with you all your life, and probably all your child’s life too. Made with space and military grade materials, found in space suits and war-armor, the jacket can withstand temperatures on Mars, 2000 washes, and over a 100 accidents (life safely, the jacket doesn’t guarantee to protect you!)

Oh, and it’s probably one of the only clothes that ages gracefully with time, like a brass ornament, or a leather wearable, looking slightly aged after years of wearing, but with absolutely no sign of damaging, or giving up!

Designer: Vollebak