5-Days of TouchOfModern Giveaways – Day 1

Thanks to the awesome folks at TouchOfModern, the cool hub to find the most innovate products at unbelievable prices, we have an exclusive 5-Days of Giveaways! We kickstart the holiday season with the amazing XD Design Solar Charger for gadgets and devices. No more excuses for phone batteries dying on you, this portable charger sticks to your window and juices up your phone in a jiffy; making it easy for you to talk long with grandma. Three XD Design Solar Chargers are up for grabs; hit the jump to know more.

TouchOfModern is giving away something different on Yanko Design for the next 5 days. Winners will be chosen daily, each contest ends at 11:59 PM PST.

To Win One of the THREE XD Design Solar Chargers

  • Tell us whom will you be calling up this Christmas?


  • To enter you must be a TouchOfModern member. Become An Instant Member HERE.
  • All new members will receive $10 in ToMo credit that expires within three days of a new account activation!
  • To participate, leave your comment below.
  • Already a member! Tell us whom will you be calling up this Christmas?
  • Three Lucky People Will Win The XD Design Solar Charger.
  • Contest Closes: 6 Dec 2012, 11:59 pm PST.

XD Design Solar Chargers

This incredible new-wave solar window charger can be used to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player in the car, office, or home with a 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery. The charger sticks to your window and always faces the sun for an efficient solar process. It has an USB output, mini USB input, and includes a mini USB cable.


  • Jason says:

    I will call my brother in Paris.

  • devan jones says:

    I’m already a ToMo member but I’ll call my grandparents.

  • Clinton Mukai says:

    I’ll call my whole immediate family. I won’t be with them for the holidays this year.

  • Stephen says:

    Just moved to SF, so I’d call all the family I miss in Chicago.

  • Chas says:

    I will be calling anyone who answers the phone on the second ring….

  • Jason says:

    Ill be calling my family and friends and tell them to buy a solar charger =D

  • DorothyBryant says:

    I’d call my granddaddy, granmomma, mommy,daddy, sister,brother, vetenarian, hosptal on and on and on and on….believe me people do not like to hear from me if I win……….

  • Alex says:

    I’ll be calling up all my good buddies to get the tunes and good times going on for christmas!

  • Doug says:

    I’ll be calling my mom and dad i don’t know if they want to talk to me. I have not talked to them for about 10 years.Thanks to other family members. I love and miss them so much. I just want to here my moms voice. Thats who i’ll try and call.

  • Zohar says:

    I’ll be calling my best friend which is in NJ to wish him a happy Hanukkah!

  • will says:

    Be calling my neighbour as she lives alone (Little old Lady)

  • Rasheed says:

    I will be calling my sister

  • Seth Brooks says:

    Ill try to avoid calling anyone and see everyone i can in person 🙂

  • pubmk says:

    Probably nobody.

  • Justin Staffer says:

    Love TouchOfModern.com!

  • Justin Staffer says:

    I’ll be calling relatives abroad.

  • stefanos glynatsis says:

    i’ll be calling all my best and closest friends, wishing them and their families a safe and prosperous christmas and new years, whilst spending mine with the ones who i love most 🙂

  • TJ says:


  • bradley says:

    I will be calling my great-grandmother!

  • nathan says:

    My long distance girlfriend

  • randima rodrigo says:

    my friends 🙂

  • xavier says:

    I’ll be with my family at home this Xmas. And so I’ll call the people of my second home, school. I’ll be calling up and messaging my best friends and teachers thanking them for the wonderful past years of school, where half my life was spent.

  • Rosy Jolly says:

    I would be calling my ex girl friend

  • Ali Hoshiari says:

    I will be calling aunt and uncle who live on the west coast.

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