Ten Exciting And Unique Backpacks

Summer’s up and as most of you design students must be getting ready to buy supplies for the new term. Before you head out for a new backpack, just browse through this prized collection. I know most of them are just concepts, but they are unique, exciting and desirable.

10) Reppo II Boombox backpack by Joonas Saaranen

Ten Exciting And Unique Backpacks

Here’s how to look to like a cool kid with his music on the go. A hardshell backpack with built-in speakers, this ones gonna make you popular.

9) City Bag and City Briefcase by Jerome Olivet


As expected of an apprentice of design master Philippe Starck, Jerome Olivet lives up to the reputation of “futuristic and abstruse” designing with this collection. The City Bag is what we are more interested in, and it scores well on the iPod and Mobile Phone compatibility front.

8 ) Velina Volante Backpack by Jannita van den Haak


Styled for the ladies, this sexy, waterproof bag looks trendy and has pleated compartments to make more space. The cool pocket on top is detachable and doubles up as a evening bag.

7) Boxcooler Backpack Fridge by Sebastian Bertram


Students are hungry ALL the time. So carry your food on campus in this suave Boxcooler Backpack which includes a fridge with picnic dishes. Let’s binge!

6) Arrow Backpack by Notus Design


With all the weight of books and supplies that you need to carry these days, a good spine-supporting backpack is a must. In fact I think it should be laid down as a ground rule. Arrow Backpack does this quite effectively. Support the spine.

5) Peach by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang


No comments, but looks like some people with a good sense of humor may be able to pull-off this stunt. Sure become the Butt of a joke!

4) Carga Messenger Bags


Carga is a detour from the backpack countdown. But going by Long Tran’s review it’s of worthy mention. It’s hard to find a good looking bag that can hold all the contents (junk included) we are so used to lugging along. Carga fits the bill; now only if we could have it as a backpack!

3) Modular Travel Bag by Teo Song Wei


I like this bag, it comes with a basic skeleton and you add on modules that you only deem fit for the day. Nothing extra, only the basics.

2) Flo Backpack by Ivan Huber


A backpack that withstands the vigor of city life. Hardshell, modular, ergonomic and what not; it comes in three sizes the urban day pack, the weekender, and the 5-day trekker – that quickly snap into the universal Flo frame.

1) Arret a Porter – Wearable Design by Jimin Kim


Wicked design and yes this ain’t a backpack, but a ‘hands-free handbag’ project. Let’s see what’s up her sleeve.