5-Days of TouchOfModern Giveaways – Day 2

Day – 2 is here folks and the hub for modern design (at affordable prices) TouchOfModern have brought in for you the Slide Light wall frame designed by Suck UK. Basically this is a backlit wall frame where you can showcase photography slides to create a unique ambience. To know how you can be a proud owner of the Slide Light, hit the jump.

TouchOfModern is giving away something different on Yanko Design for the next 5 days. Winners will be chosen daily, each contest ends at 11:59 PM PST.

To Win The Slide Light by Suck UK

  • Tell us, which the most memorable photograph that you have, and who is in it?


  • To enter you must be a TouchOfModern member. Become an Instant Member HERE.
  • All new members will receive $10 in ToMo credit that expires within three days of a new account activation!
  • To participate, leave your comment below.
  • Already a member! Tell us, which the most memorable photograph that you have, and who is in it?
  • One lucky person wins the Slide Light by Suck UK.
  • Contest Closes: 7 Dec 2012, 11:59 pm PST.

The Slide Light by Suck UK

Exhibit your favorite slides in this slender wall frame. The Slide Light may be hung horizontally or vertically to provide low-level background room lighting. Use slides of your own photographs to create a mood that’s unique to you – just slot your images into place for a constantly changeable look.


  • Brandon says:

    My most memorable photo is a group shot my friends and I took for Prom. It was awesome because there were about 30 of us.

  • Jan says:

    My wife, my best man and I were in switzerland over New Years. Up an the mountain we found a dead tree and made an impromptu fire to keep us warm. There is a picture of that evening.

  • Dan Drive says:

    Good luck to all who entered!

  • Zohar says:

    My girlfriend and I were in the photo we took on a cliff overlooking the sea at sunset.

  • Ryan says:

    Hiking in the Lake District – looking down on clouds, lakes and friends struggling up the mountain.

  • Jason S says:

    All of Banif National Park in Alberta – I have took some great photos there.

  • CrisM says:

    Surfing with my bestfriend al home

  • Ogive says:

    A picture with Michael Jordan when I was 7 years old. I was crying at the airport and he came to me. I just remember his giant hand 🙂

  • Bruce Brown says:

    My dad and I after I caught my first fish

  • My most memorable photograph has…a tree in it. Being from the city, I don’t get a chance to see the stars often, so one time when I was out of the city in the winter, I braved the cold and tried to get some good shots of the stars. The best shot was one I quickly took of tree on the way.

  • Martin R. says:

    Three friends from high school on my balcony in paris facing the eiffel tower!

  • Micah Schmidt says:

    My most memorable shot is the last family photo that I took, as a Christmas gift for my mother, a year before she passed away. Also, I happened to shoot it Fuji Provia slidefilm, so I need this Slide Light!

  • Naomi says:

    I have an old portrait that I found in a junk shop that shows a couple from the turn of the century, judging from the clothing, with snakes draped around their necks. They look very somber.

    I’ve been coveting the Slide Light for ages!

  • Marky says:

    My wedding photo with my wife in it!

  • Neutrolid says:

    A b/w photo of me when I was a baby, with my aunt feeding me with a baby bottle of milk

  • jansabella says:

    A lovely photo of my lost loved one.

  • Juan G. says:

    I have a slide of my mom holding me on top of a motorcycle, when I had just 2 years. Good times.

  • Nanke says:

    A photo when my sister and I visted europe for the first time!

  • Harris says:

    My traveling

  • Ryan says:

    A photo of my Great Dane Graycie fighting a prarie dog

  • carie says:

    A photo of my grandparents with the Pope in the 1950s.

  • Theresa J says:

    My most memorable photo is a shot that was done at my kids grandparents house 8 years ago and has my three kids in it

  • Chas says:

    A bird & a KFC sign (out of focus) way in the distance. No one believes that it is a KFC sign when viewing the picture.

  • randima rodrigo says:

    my friends. it was taken in a special place in Maine usa

  • alexander nixon says:

    My favorite Photograph is of my companion Lincoln Kirstein and myself taken in 1975 at the home of Leslie Katz (Eakins Press) before a performance by the New York City Ballet, which Lincoln founded with George Balanchine.

  • Morgana says:

    My favourite photograph portrays a fifteen year-old girl who appears to have been carved wholly of luminescent abandon. Her face betrays a joy I’m not sure she’s been able to recreate since, & her arm is outstretched toward the camera, in a half-hearted attempt to thwart the photographer’s efforts. This is a photograph of a girl who is going to become a famous singer of songs, a girl who will love, & be loved… a girl who will travel, & leave great change in her wake. She was stunning, that girl… If only she’d any idea of it. I have so many incredible photographs, of yet more incredible things, so when I say that my favourite is one having captured naught but myself, one might think me a tad narcissistic-but I can assure you, such assumptions would prove false. Twelve years later, with ears ravaged by Meniere’s Disease, face broken & irreparably altered by the actions of a crazed man in the night, heart shattered by the cruelties of too many hands to count, that same girl-Me-cowers before the camera. She frantically seeks out the shelter of her arms when confronted with an impromptu photo-op. Life took from me my youth, my beauty… it took my dreams… but most importantly, life took from me the idea that our plans are not subject to contingencies. I’ve since had to forge new plans of the rubble that was my former life, I’ve had to hone new skills, discover new love, find beauty in that which was never before attractive, & wow… what a gift this has been. That girl may not be the same who once beamed at the camera, & she may be a bit worse for wear, but now she hides behind the camera, & the things she photographs now… they are infused with a beauty that only the loss of so much could truly teach her to see. That photograph of me at 15, was a me yet unpolished, unknowing of what lay ahead, & there is incredible beauty in that, but maybe I was wrong… maybe that’s not my favourite photo… maybe it’s one I’ve not yet taken, but will someday. Or better yet, maybe my favourite photograph is one that someone else will take of me at some point in my future, when I have crafted all of these lessons learned into a person who can look into the lens, contented with who she is, with all the adversity she has faced, with all she has accomplished, & perhaps she’ll be smiling at that picture of that young girl, who couldn’t have imagined just how beautiful her life would one day truly become.

  • Morgana says:

    *our plans are not immune to contingencies

  • Olivia says:

    My favorite photo is a night shot of trees with the beautiful milky way in the background. There are millions of stars. It reminds me that I am part of the universe every time I look it.

  • Dan says:

    My most memorable photos are from an adventure I had with my friend Zaphod Beeblebrox. We decided ( or i should say, will decide) to take the Heart of Gold on an improbable flight of 16475747 to 1, during which we were able to win The Slide Light from Yanko Design by means of this comment. We then traveled back in time to this moment to re-post our comment and claim our prize. We took several pictures during the journey that will confirm our imminent win and also look great on our new Slide Light once you send it. Thanks.

  • jenny says:

    the most memorable photo that i own is of me and my bf in front of the hirshhorn museum in dc when we met for the first time in 4 years.

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