Radiating Bonfire

The Urban Bonfire is a classy modular radiator that is inspired by its namesake. This independent heating device emits strong visual cues that ensure you don’t forget to shut it off! With the upcoming winters in the horizon, handy and thoughtful details on heating devices can go on to help save energy bills to quite an extent.

As the designer explains, “Urban Bonfire is controlled by tapping the base with one’s foot rather than bending over to turn a dial, as is the typical mode of operation for radiator heaters. Tapping the base of the bars pushes them inward at the bottom. Correspondingly, the top of the bars tilt outwards providing the vent space, through which heat is emitted. The change in shape provides a clear visual indication that the heater is on. With inbuilt LEDs that focus on the wall beside it, Urban Bonfire can also function as a night-light. The orange light references flames. The geometric styling of the bars was inspired by the image of wood stacked up to make an outdoor bonfire. “

Urban Bonfire is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winning entry.

Designer: Lee Hee Young