Laser beams keeping crosswalks safe

There’s a lot to be said about taking a perfectly simple aesthetic gesture and turning it into a guide for the public. In this case it’s a couple of laser beams stopping humans or vehicles from crossing paths at the same time. This design by HOJOON Lim goes by the name Guardian and will bring a perfect stop to a crash that could have been near you.

Designer: HOJOON Lim


  • AnotherNoob says:

    Sigh. Okay, so to be the wet blanket again: Lasers are not visible unless there is a substantial amount of particulate matter in the air to refract/reflect the light; especially during the day. That is why there are always big smoke machines at rock concerts.

    So is there a smoke machine built into this? Do we want smoke machines randomly dotted around our city?
    Do designers care about the basic constraints of physics and reality? I think the answer to all of these questions is sadly no.

  • Malcom says:

    Maybe with a high energy high concentrated Laser, powered by a underground fusion reactor the laser would turn visible without smoke machines.

    Furthermore, the new laser would obliterate the cars which don’t stop at the crosswalk, making them even safer!

  • Ray says:

    It also seems to be designed for the explicit purpose of blinding children or people with height disabilities or people in wheel chairs (mostly children because they’re the ones that are dumb enough to look into the laser).

  • James says:

    So the laser visibility thing ‘anothernoob’ is referring to isn’t really a problem. If lasers were only visible with smoke then you wouldn’t be able to buy laser pens and pointers just for fun if you couldn’t see them.

    The problems that do arise are as ‘ray’ already suggested. People are stupid and will blind themselves looking into it. Children are dumb and short so will also look into it and block it off so no one else can see it. Teenagers and drunk people will not only play with it like morons, they might also reflect the beam into traffic which would be highly dangerous.

    The last thing is that if there are no cars coming, I am not going to wait for the beam to change. Often there’s a little red man up but there’s plenty of time for me to cross the road.

    It’s an interesting idea that’s had about two seconds worth of thought put into it sadly.

  • bayden says:

    Looks dangerous with concept of laser.
    RED beam….:-(
    but, this kind of concepts are already opened and the problems of visibility is also solved in japan 4years ago.


    i suggest LED ray instead of laser.

  • Teto says:

    everyone can see it!!sure!!!

  • mif991 says:

    “My master will be pleased”

  • john says:

    @James, you use laser pen in order to have a visible point on the surface you are pointing at with. You do not see a laser line in the air between the pen and the destination, unless there is smoke, or some kind of fog. (It would work in London maybe ;))
    This concept is definitelly useless…

  • maydorra says:

    You’re right. There will be no visible laser beam.
    Even if there is a beam of light this will not make the roads safer by using this concept.

  • mecart says:

    Hey James, you say anothernoob is wrong…
    About those laser pens you buy… do you see the whole line all the time (as in the drawings here)? Or do you only see the red dot at the end of the line?

    Yeah, that’s what I though.

  • whacko says:

    Anothernoob is correct in that you would not be able to see the beam of the lasers at all without particulate matter in the air for the beam to reflect off of. When you buy a toy laser pointer you rarely see the beam, most often you only see the bright spot where the beam terminates on a solid object.

  • Quinn says:

    Instead of a laser beam, I’ve always had the idea of putting in a sheet of light like multiple LEDs across which changes from red to yellow to green indicating when cars and people can pass instead of stoplights and such.

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