Skin Your Apple Keyboard in Wood

Crafty people with nimble fingers would love this. Lazerwood makes thin wood veneers that turn those slick aluminum keys into rich, tactile wood. Time consuming yes but the results look amazing. Each piece is laser cut so if anything is off, you have no one to blame but your hands. Available in walnut or cherry for all MacBook unibody models and wireless keyboards with English layouts. Would any of you do this? Maybe we can do a giveaway for someone willing to try.

Designer: Lazerwood Buy it here


  • Steve says:

    …wood grain. Is this the 1970s again? It’s ok that we have a visual separation between nature and manmade stuff. Real wood and plants are preferable to facade wood.

  • Cristina says:

    I would definitely try this!

  • Andrew says:

    I’d love to buy this! How cool!

  • Derek says:

    I don’t think your MacBook would close properly with the added thickness on the keys…

  • Christopher says:

    Touching wood over plastic – a clear winner there.

    I’d have some concern about keeping it clean. I assume that these are finished somehow.

    I particularly like the continuity of the grain from one key to the next. Perhaps use some figured wood – burl, oak, zebra wood as well to highlight this.

    Whatabout some sort of template for attaching all of the keys at once? For those of us with un-steady hands. Or some clear cover that could be pulled of one the keys were pressed into place?

  • Cameron says:

    I wonder if it raises the height of the keys enough to damage the screen in any way? I like the concept but I also like the way my keys currently glow in an dimly lit room, I wouldn’t want to cover that up even though the outlines would still be visible…

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