A Teddy Bear With A Smartphone Heart

Remember Teddy Ruxpin? He brought all the boys to the yard to listen to him read a story from one of his convoluted adventures aboard an airship. The Cocolo Bear is Teddy Ruxpin 2012, although I’m pretty sure they’re unrelated because Cocolo comes from Japan. Cocolo talks to you, answers questions, and plays games thanks to his smartphone heart and app but otherwise is a glorified speaker phone. Parents can even leave messages for their kids. I need a reader from Japan to send me one PLEASE!

Designer: Cube Works, $62


  • Jim Graves says:

    Of course, this is an amazing idea! Does this all lead to robots (needs a more progressive name that is acceptable to all nationalities) which are, “friends, protectors,” even metaphysics” Very clever thinking.

  • Hatillari says:


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