New Kinda Spy Cam

The Zipper is a flying indoor camera and recording device that can be used in a number of scenarios. The device uses the principle of gas balloons and combines it with the wit of propellers driven by a precision electric motor. Basically the hovering camera moves around a room very fast and silently and doesn’t consume much energy.

Application fields:

  • Film productions: unrestricted camera work
  • Surveillance: flexible monitoring of public locations like department stores, train stations, etc.
  • Security: video inspection in hard to access places like cable chutes and sewers
  • Private: webcam, babysitting, etc. or as a toy
  • Further recording options (sound, heat and radio activity) are possible with the matching sensors

Two precision electric motors with propellers that are controlled via a processor allow horizontal movements. The alignment angle of the electric motors can also be controlled magnetically via the processor so that the Zipper is able to change its height flexibly and fast with these motors. The camera can be panned by 270 degrees, which allows different perspective also in standstill. Zipper can design recordings through different camera perspectives very dynamically and flexibly, which results in completely new possibilities in camera work. This means that the director can determine the motion path and speed of the camera beforehand three-dimensionally without having to deal with any restrictions or obstacles in the room. This allows novel and free design when changing scenes and perspectives. The motion path and speed can be set either beforehand in a 3D program or in realtime and interactively via joystick or remote control. The recorded images and further information are transmitted parallel, directly and wireless to other devices like computers or smartphones.

Function mode:

Zipper uses hydrogen as gas in order to float in the air like a balloon. The required gas quantity is controlled exactly via a processor using measurement and control technology so that the Zipper is always located at the desired height.

Water Electrolysis:

A charging station supplies the Zipper with energy and hydrogen. In doing so, water molecules are split into oxygen and hydrogen by means of electrolysis. The additionally generated oxygen is released into the air and ensures a good room climate. The charging station is supplied via low-voltage direct current and must only be refilled with water occasionally.

Zipper is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Emami Design


  • Chris says:

    Cool idea, but kind of impractical. For home use, you’d want something more covert indoors. Outdoors it would be too easy to lose the thing if a good gust came by. For businesses, it would only be good for large department stores – but how long can it be up in the air for? For the full coverage that mounted cameras give, you’d have to buy hundreds of these.

  • Alaor says:

    Complete failure, maybe except for bad sci fi films.

    You can’t have “the principle of gas balloons” (hehe) in such a small form factor, and even if you could, it would be impossible to stabilize such thing with small propellers, even under a simple ceiling fan or even experiencing a mild wind current.

    Sorry, but 3D renderings per se can’t bring random thoughts to reality.

  • Mamie says:

    If you look carefully, you can see that the images are not always taken at the
    same time. With this, it is advised that you use your desktop personal computer and not wireless
    on the laptop. One picture doesn’t tell the whole story, and a career could easily be lost over unjustified public humiliation or even mistaken identity.

  • Andrzej says:

    Can not be achieved for such a small displacement of the balloon.

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