Go Anywhere Dental Care

Designed with the help of humanitarian aid agencies, the DENTASSIST system offers mobile, modular treatment for dentistry that specifically aims to make dental care in developing countries within reach. The operating unit is mounted directly on the treatment center where power is supplied by compressor & generator modules of similar size & portability. An integrated telescopic stand, overall lightness & intuitive placement of tools enhance ergonomics & easy of use making it perfect for mobile dentistry.

Designers: Philipp Kupfer & Markus Schönecker


  • Eyas says:

    Nice and practical. Is it is it ready to sell or it’s at the design stage only?

  • skydoc says:

    The lack of a cross cut depiction only confirms the poor and old design it based on. No source for water bottle or mains has been proposed. It simply sucks. Shame on lousy designers but good renderers.

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