Drying Rails

The Rail Type Laundry Rack is a rework on the traditional drying rack. It features sliding hanging rails and a grooved frame, which allow the rack to be adjusted so that it gets easy to hang the laundry. Typically the rails on most laundry racks are fixed at equal distances, so it may get difficult to dry two jeans in adjacent rails. With the Rail Type Laundry Rack, you can adjust the distances between the two rails and hang clothes accordingly.

Rail Type Laundry Rack Design is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Soohun Jung & Areum Gu


  • Janelle White says:

    It looks nice but it doesn’t address the real problem w/ portable close hangers which are the materials and durability.

  • lion says:

    good problem
    NOT necessary the best way to solve it
    in less than 30 seconds you can got 3 others ways to do it with i believe more durabitity

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