Modern Mobility with Super Versatility

Sphere is a modern mobility scooter that expands on the capabilities of the traditional form and makes it possible for the user to not only move while seated, but also crouch, stand, or lay down all without leaving the chair. Secured in the ergonomic seat, the user can switch between positions with predefined buttons and steer with a multidirectional joystick. It’s a great solution that offers more independence to those with impaired mobility.

Designer: Allen Chester G. Zhang


  • lewis says:

    nice, but…very poor physics

  • D-design says:

    poor physics? it seems that the center sphere holds all the weight of the chair, in theory, it should be fine, considering that the sphere’s motors would weight a lot than the person operating it

  • DB says:

    Interesting design but impractical for most wheelchair users. Requires fine motor control in the hands to utilize the controls and upper body musculature control to maintain balance.

    This rules out quadraplegics and being in a chair I can say the look would make most paraplegics uninterested as they are pretty functional anyway (and not completely confined to the chair so who needs a ChairBed hybrid).

    Would love to see this thing try and negotiate some uneven ground outdoors…as practical as a 3 wheel car methinks….

  • Nimish says:

    Where can I buy this?

  • I want to visit the Bluewater shopping centre. Will my 4yr old son be allowed to use his three wheeler scooter while in the mall?
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