Bike Power!

Two words: automatic shifting. But that’s just one of the things that makes the Hercules Topgear-S bicycle the perfect urban commuter of the future. No more fiddling with manual gear shifting, just touch and go. A contactless dynamo is integrated into the front wheel system to recharge the battery which powers the quick-shifter, headlights, a horn and even turn signals that are cleverly placed at the ends of the handle bars. Better yet, there is a USB port to charge your cell phone while you ride!

Designer: Harikrishnan.P.K


  • SellersBrent says:

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  • uapa says:

    where is the front suspention?
    this frame doesn’t work, and this smartphone…


  • dievega says:

    Nice design but the suspension concept is wrong, the suspension movement must be on the wheels not in the saddle beam. The cyclist leg must be stable.

  • Harikrishnan says:

    This cycle is aimed at teenagers-2016

    I have interviewed some users(mumbai).
    Those who have bikes with both suspension, are not serious about offroading much. This may be due to the lack of such places in metros(I m sure 2016 ll have even more well planned clean cities) and their busy schedules of school and tuition.
    So “Suspension” is something which they like but dont use much.

    The mechanism I have shown in the design is just for a small cushioning to the seat. It wont travel beyond 4-6inch. Its exploited maximum for the looks. Like the cushion springs some cycles have under the seat.

    So save cost on suspension without compromising the looks.

    The smartphone and auto gear thing…
    Its not a rocket science. It takes feedback from dynamo(rpm) and accelerometer(slope) and actuate the gear(up/down).

  • satyajeet rai says:

    i want to buy this …cost??

  • satyajeet rai says:

    i want to buy this …cost?? please

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