Time To Wake Up!

The adorable Sub Morning is quite a quirky way to wake up in the morning! The dang thing actually requires you to submerge it in water in order to shut it off. The crisp display and added advantage of being a submarine, makes it more of a bath-time toy than an alarm. Oh well, ducky will have to go if you want to play submarines in your bathtub!

Sub Morning is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designer: Kim Min Jeong


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  • Victoria says:

    I love this but I don’t see a cost or an add to cart button. What’s up with that?

  • Hunter says:

    It’s just a concept. It’s not even fully designed yet. You can’t buy it. (You might be able to get on a waiting list…)

  • Hunter says:

    And who has an aquarium beside the bed?

  • Rachel says:

    @ Hunter – I have a fish tank on my bedside table. However I would purchase this product not for its alarm system, but simply so that I may turn my fish tank into a clock. No submersible digital clock has yet been produced that can be used in a fish tank and I would LOVE if the designer considered that possibility.

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