Open The Damn Door

Ok so you have too many drinks, its dark and the door won’t open. Obviously you need to insert the key, but the point is, sober or drunk, many of us do end up struggling with the key and keyhole. Concave Lock follows an annulus pattern with a fluorescent ring that glows in the dark. Because of the concave surface of the lock, the design allows you to slide the key into the keyhole on the first try! Superb!

Conclave Lock is a 2012 IDEA Awards entry.

Designer: Poh Liang-Hock


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Must for hotels, motels, resorts, cruiseships (adapted to key cards), nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals (select venues), offices,
    apts & condoes alone.

  • semxx says:

    how about stopping to be an alcoholic ?

  • Not a bad idea, but only half a solution: the key needs to be symmetrical so it doesn’t matter if the key is inserted teeth ‘up’ or ‘down’.

  • lion says:

    half a solution I had the same project only one of the hundred i have but i m to stupid to protect them
    nice idea but not finish it is easy really easy to improve personnaly i have five improvements,
    ps to search is not to find.

  • krzystoff says:

    it would be more convincing if the key in the renders wasn’t an antique skeleton key, but a more contemporary symetrical one.

  • krzystoff says:

    it doesn’t need to be a concave dome, an inverted-pyramid or -cone form would be more effective at solving the issue of ‘finding the proverbial hole.’

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