House-off Switch by Jack Godfrey Wood

It is a switch that allows a user to turn off all non-essential electronic items in their home from a central switch. Push the button to turn your house on when you get home; push it again to turn it off when you leave. Aiming to make the green way the most convenient way, the House-off Switch was part of a larger project to encourage ‘green’ action among the environmentally disinfranchised.

The project searches for a kind of ‘environmental everyday’ where people take up ‘green’ behaviours because they want to rather than because they think they should. An everyday where ‘being green’ doesn’t imply sacrifice.

A more expensive version of the same concept has a central switch that also allows the inhabitant to leave some items plugged into safe sockets around the house which can be left on for security or peace of mind when everything else has been turned off at the central switch.

Designer: Jack Godfrey Wood