Super Golf Trolley

I am not a golfer but been raised by golf enthusiasts who took me to the golf course at every given chance. So I understand the sacredness of a golf clubs, the caddy and even the golf bag! I’d like to dedicate this Tour Caddie – ProPod Golf Trolley to all the times I misunderstood ‘birdie’, ‘Calcutta’ and ‘eagle’. This unique monocoque motorized carry pod has been specifically designed for Mike Powell Design and features some great innovations.

Propod is an all-weather all in one golf solution that features a battery powered pod incorporating three lightweight modules for transportation, easy handling and simple assembly ready for the course.


  • The effortless progressive steering is achieved by the unique joystick controller.
  • The built in control panel and GPS range finder all help let the player concentrate on their game.
  • The pod includes weather sealed storage compartments, an insulated drinks compartment compartments and a wheel cleaning system.
  • You can personalize the Propod with a range of color and trim options.

Designer: AME Design


  • Golfzoo says:

    Impressive! Slick design and will surely protect golf clubs. But isn’t that heavy?

  • Golfbagspro says:

    I agree this a very slick design and with the hard plastic outer case it will be very hard to damage your clubs.

  • matt dressig says:

    The majority of wear and tear on clubs come within travel as well as the constant banging into each other over the years over moving the contents around. I think its a great solution however to the travel bag/ carry bag/ pull cart combo.
    Possibly go with a more modern approach to seperating the club heads. Also I agree with making it work on more hilly landscapes

  • dear Sirs, we are looking for long time for a non-standard golfbag/trolley combination. this looks good, but too small to carry 14 clubs, and is it not difficult to take one out when it is full? is it already in production? what pricerange must we think of?
    best regards, Emile ten Have

  • Coolpalmer says:

    Looks like its from the future! Slick! It needs an accessory tray for easy access to things like balls and tees though, and yes more room for clubs.
    The one piece design reminds me of this new bag+cart combo product, dont hv any of the high tech stuff though… Waiting to learn the price, as it looks very solid.

  • AJAY SINGLA says:


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  • storm says:

    i like this trolley , pl send me details .
    evert storm

  • Aidar says:

    What is the prise & how can I buy this trolley

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