BlackBerry with Windows?

How comfortable will you be with a Windows backed BlackBerry? Nothing is too radical these days and when foes become friends, the new relationship blossoms into something big and spectacular. Concept Smartphone pro Michal Bonikowski sent us his thoughts on a BlackBerry Smartphone hosting Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. The design not only simplifies the BB but also makes it a more fluid interface with Windows. I like the approach but I don’t think this partnership is ever going to happen, but then, you never know!

Designer: Michal Bonikowski for Mindsailors


  • michelle says:

    this phone is so awsome!!!
    can you please sent me that desktop?
    thank you!

  • Michael says:

    Hi, this BlackBerry Concept looks awsome. Love it! And i love this purple Wallpaper too. Can you say me the Name of it? Or send it to me…please. Thanks, Michael

  • Hi, no problem – just find me on facebook and give the email adress.

  • Michael says:

    I’m also in love with this wallpaper! Great job dude! I really hope one of these companies uses your concepts!

    I’ll contact you on Facebook for the wallpaper

  • I have always loved blackberry. But for real if this happens I am definitely switching back to blackberry again.

  • Monchae says:

    That looks sick!It would be a winner with front facing speakers, removable battery and 3.5mm jack at the bottom, instead of at the top.

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