Energy Monitor with Realtime

Coonso is an energy management device that gives you feedback in real time. It gives you perfect control on your lights and radiators. The device is equipped with two blades, which manage the intensity of the lights and the heat inside your house. The designers explain, “One blade is automatic and shows the best ratio between savings and comfort. The other one is the blade for control the lights and heat in real time.” Basically a handy device to help you conserve and consume energy intelligently!

Designers: Elie Ahovi, Jérémie Levain, Sébastien Ledoux and Marion Caulet


  • Hip says:

    That is the most unfortunate logo

  • Chris says:

    Ummm, I think the product name should change. As soon as I saw “coon”, even if it is Coonso, I still see “coon” in the logo and nothing else. Coon is a very offensive word here in the states. I am not sure if the designer is foreign-born but that product name would not go well here.

    Coonsso reminds me of the Nest thermostat. Clearly there was inspiration there. What I don’t get and is not clear is how does this plug into an outlet. It should it in context to get an idea.

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