Facebook Phone Part 3

The first Facebook Phone opened up a whole lot of questions and the primary one was, why the hell is it blue! To set the record straight and to give the concept a new lease of life, Michal revisited the design with an HTC approach. Like it better? Yeah, I do; how about you?

Designer: Michal Bonikowski


  • Pedro says:

    What is the problem with blue?

  • Star says:

    just like iPhone shape

  • Steve says:

    Thats actually almost dead on the old Zune HD, especially the back the only similarity to the iPhone is its rectangular shape

  • hqiang says:

    just like iphone.why lot of design almaost like iphone?

  • Grey says:

    I hate that everyone compares metal bezeled and Black glassed facia phones with iPhone.. Rectangular big glassed phones has been done, and not just by Apple. This leans more towards SGS2/Zune/LG/HTC’s earlier models.. please guys.

    The ear piece speaker grill doesn’t look great i’d suggest tone it down by going black and list some specs and features or maybe even purpose?

    A Facebook dedicated phone doesn’t make sense unless its going to be dirt cheap.

  • like too buy facebookphone please

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