Über-Functional iPhone Case

I’m sure you’ve picked up on the trend of iPhone cases that do more than just protect the device- we’ve seen designs with kickstands and others with compartments for headphones. Finally, here’s one that has both! The Ö Case features a multifunctional component that stores ear-buds and also doubles as a stand to prop up the device. It’s still compact enough that the user won’t notice a difference in size.

Designer: Loyto Esineiden


  • Nathan says:

    Cheers to the designer, iteration is key to achieving good design. The problem here, is that the designer didn’t use the constructive criticism from their previous iteration (https://www.yankodesign.com/2012/05/15/iphone-case-that-makes-sense/) and succeeded in creating new problems for this design:
    Small parts will be lost or broken and users will not return for a second case (bad business solution). The earphones still don’t fit inside that volume. The fully assembled case will lack rigidity and will likely fit awkwardly into the user’s pocket.

  • TKHS says:

    I love the concept. And congratulations to the designer for listening to potential consumers of his idea.
    I think it is very well resolved and I don´t think that this solution has more problems than others cases that you are currently on sale.
    To improve and there is always time my friend and that’s what I like about this new version.

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