What Laundry Day Looks Like in 2050

The Orbit washes clothes without soap or water, blasting sublimated dry ice at high pressure into dirty clothes, removing dirt, grease and other particles from the clothing. Liquid nitrogen superconductor levitates the drum in the center of the base without friction, eliminating noise and making the machine self-sufficient. It may be far out, but it’s waaaaaaay cool!

Designer: Elie Ahovi


  • Ray says:

    So… you blast your clothes with air and make the whole thing float. How does blowing CO2 into your clothes clean things off? There’s a good reason why we use water. Many things dissolve in water and grease floats atop it. And how does making it float make it self-sufficient?

  • nithin says:

    What exactly is the working principle of th is product and how it floats in air? ?

  • Mrs.Anny says:

    Good article posting i like its designs such a very good thoughts.

  • Emiley says:

    Its 2050 generation product isn’t it??very nice technology you used in this washing machine.

  • Diya says:

    Its such a modern technology and good concept and it helps to save water and energy too.

  • Mr Walter says:

    Good design but dont think too much effective as it saves water but what about the electricity.

  • Kate says:

    Great design but you don’t mention that how is it working??it works by use of electricity?

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