Luxurious Surf-Inspired Outdoor Furniture Brings The Californian Beach Vibe To Your Yard

Being stuck at home during the pandemic really did teach us a few lessons. One, being, that you can actually do a lot at home, especially in your backyard. It definitely made us realize we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up. You can turn your backyard into an ideal date spot for you and your partner, or host a barbecue party! And an outdoor seating collection that would make an excellent addition to your yard is Mondos – an interesting surf-inspired collection by Laun and Chet Architecture.

Designer: Laun and Chet Architecture

Designed by two California-based brands Laun and Chet Architecture, Mondos is a warm and cozy afternoon spent on a Southern Californian beach in the form of furniture. The outdoor furniture collection includes six pieces that are inspired by Mondos Beach in Ventura, California, which is said to be the capital of the state’s surfing culture. The entire collection is designed to be bold yet low-key, inviting, and yet exclusive. It attempts to capture and transforms the beach’s vibrant and aesthetic energy into the form of curved waves hitting against the beach’s seawall through its bold and bulky form.

The designers selected a loud yet charming color and material palette for the furniture collection, which is also inspired by surfing. Vibrant hues of ocean blues and neon greens in fiberglass, neoprene, aluminum, and vinyl were selected for the collection. “Mondos truly captures the feeling of this very special stretch of the California Coast, a place that carries so much personal meaning for me and my family,” says Chet Callahan. “I have long admired Laun’s work and the way they consistently push conceptual and material boundaries. They have brought incredible expertise in terms of craft and construction to the making of these pieces. Together, I think we have arrived at a unique take on outdoor furniture that has a timeless elegance, evokes a bit of nostalgia, and captures our shared sense of playfulness.”

The entire collection includes a sofa, love seat, side chair, chaise, side table, and coffee table that are lightweight, durable, and easy to reconfigure and set up as well. The Mondos’ chaise is inspired by the 1980s pool and garden furniture, and it really is a rejuvenated and modern take on a classic style of furniture. The whole collection has a bold, quirky, and super intriguing beach-inspired vibe that instantly makes you want to purchase it!