Clip-on Phone

The Gigaset coeval L226 combines the best voice quality with maximum flexibility. It clips onto your clothes giving you a unique hands free experience. It sports a very cool feature; when you dock it on its charging base, the phone’s interface transforms into a sexy digital clock. It boasts of a good-sized touchscreen interface and can be rested on its side to avail the loudspeaker function.

Designer: Patrick Loh


  • Matthew says:

    I actually kind of like the design of this phone, it looks simple and seems to work nicely. For example instead of putting the phone in your pocket whilst listening to music you clip it on to yourself, thus somewhat protecting it from scratches (which do happen) and allows you to still control possible features on it as well. It could even be possible to clip it onto a wrist band and control and use it too.

    However there are a few things that could be altered to appeal to a wider audience. If you remove the raised call control buttons the phone could become one whole screen. I can see that you raised them so it’d be easier to answer calls without paying much attention to what’s on the screen and you could still keep that accessibility if you move it to the sides to the phone (just an idea).

    Also does the screen only show simple graphics or is it possible to view video as well (if so, hopefully in an array of various colours and not just orange or single colour).

    To be honest overall I like it and it’s something a little different. It’s not trying to be like all the other mobiles and smart phones. However if it’s on show most of the time, it makes it a more visible target to be easily stolen.

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