The Prepdeck Lets You Put Meals Together Like a Michelin Star Chef!

Whether you’re a mobile chef or simply cooking dinner for the whole fam at home, the Prepdeck is sure to be your best friend in the kitchen. It packs a whopping 45 food preparation items into one uber-compact unit you can take anywhere.

No batteries or electronics, just super-smart, space-saving design. Only slightly larger than a microwave, the Prepdeck is packed with different types of containers for organizing food, surfaces for safe handling, and a number of tools that help you slice, grate, squeeze, juice, and shred (and much more) to your hearts desire. Easy to tote and even easier to clean, it’s ideal for catering or any professional who makes meals on the go.

Designer: Alexander Eburne

Click here to Buy Now: $109.00 $149.00 (26% off).


Prepdeck is your complete meal preparation system. Contains over 45 high-quality accessories and features into one sleek and organized system.







Click here to Buy Now: $109.00 $149.00 (26% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!