SAVE:US is a Lifesaver

SAVE:US is a unique light meant to be placed in building hallways so that people can get handy access to an emergency light during an evacuation. On a daily basis the ceiling light functions normally, but during an emergency, you simply pull down a down-light torch, which is placed in a central cavity, and use it as ready illumination. Each torch is fitted with a GPS system that can be easily tracked by the rescue team. The emergency light is charged by standby power during non-emergency times, and is always ready to use.

SAVE:US is a 2011 reddot design concept winner.

Designers: Jo Joo Hyun, Choi Sung Hun, Jin Min Hee & Park So Jeing


  • xcyuan says:

    How much is it?

  • Ray says:

    The GPS would have to be extremely accurate, especially if these things are held feet apart from each other in the ceilings.
    It would help if some of them had a button to attempt to contact 911, not a help service like on-star.

  • Bharat says:

    The signal GPS weakens or distorts as it travels through the building to your GPS, and the result is inaccurate operation. So we need to design the buildings too keeping this situation in mind. Correct me if im wrong, just a doubt I got.

  • Great idea but inside buidings gps don’t work 🙂

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