Look. Donʼt touch. The New Samsung Smart TV

Smart is as smart does! In this day and age of gesture control, face recognition and smart interaction, it is quite flippant for us to expect anything else from Samsung. Which is why their new commercial highlighting these features, had me in splits! Guys, if it’s Victoria’s Secret model Angela Bellotte dressed in skimpy clothes and waving, do you really think she’s calling out to YOU! Well yes, maybe…

Nah, she’s just watching her new Samsung Smart TV! She’s using both motion control and voice control to activate her TV, but the guys across the street think she is waving to them personally, ha! Can you spot all the celebrity cameos as the story unfolds in the video below? I spotted some!


Samsung’s 2012 Smart TV is part of the next-generation of televisions hitting the market, which are entirely interactive. Smart TVs feature Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution.


  • Control entertainment in new ways with Smart Interaction
  • Log into the Smart Hub using Face Recognition
  • Control settings easily with Voice and Motion Control
  • Enjoy 2D and 3D entertainment in full HD 1080p
  • Connect to Smart Content with Family Story, Fitness and Kids
  • Stay cutting-edge with the Smart Evolution Kit

To see more behind-the-scenes footage and stills from the shoot, visit the Samsung Electronics Facebook page here.