Win 5 Electrolux Powermix Mini Compact Blenders and Fame!

UPDATE: Rules Modified!
There are three ways you can get famous with Electrolux this year. You can either participate in their Design Lab Competition (deadline June 1, 2012) or the ‘work in progress’ Pinterest competition or BOTH! The Design Lab gives you a chance to win prize money and internship at the Electrolux Design Center and the Pinterest competition wins FIVE creative folks Fame and an Electrolux Powermix Mini Compact Blender. Details after the jump.

The Electrolux ‘work in progress’ Pinterest competition is simple. If you have any sketches that are a ‘work in progress’ and warrant attention, simply submit it to their Pinterest board. Ten creative projects will be shortlisted and these will go on to adorn a special wall at the main Electrolux Design Lab Final Event.

Yanko Design will pick FIVE of the best and these will win the Electrolux Powermix Mini Compact Blenders!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow Electrolux Design Lab on Pinterest
  • They will then add you as contributor to the board “Electrolux Design Lab work in progress”.
  • Add pins of your work in progress to the board. It could be pictures of your sketches, the music you listen to when designing or anything that visualizes your work in progress. We would like to know how your design process looks like.
  • Yanko Design will choose five favorites and those pictures together with five other pictures with the most Facebook likes will be printed and placed on the wall at the Electrolux Design Lab final event.
  • Winner receives a printed version of the picture. Five winners get Electrolux Powermix Mini Compact Blenders!
  • More details here.

Deadline for Electrolux Design Lab Submissions: June 1st, 2012

Deadline for Electrolux Design Lab Work In Progress: June 25th, 2012

Example of ‘Work In Progress’ Sketches by Rickard Hederstiernas

The Booty!